expandable . multifunctional. Exclusive.

Kraxlboard portable
More fun for less Euro!    To make this board your perfect versatile travel companion we packed maximum training diversity onto minimum size. It can be hung just about anywhere with two cords that come with it. But, just in cas ... (Read More)
99,90 € 2
Kraxlboard To Go
Minimally measured – extremely multifunctional. The board offers a wide range of different rungs and jugs with various depths and angles. Thanks to the lateral handles of the board, already fatigued arms can be finished off to extr ... (Read More)
104,90 € 2
Kraxlboard classic
This expandable wood hangboard offers exceptionally fun and challenging training opportunities for climbers of all levels.  Manufactured from solid wood by our master carpenter, the classic Kraxlboard boasts longevity and outstanding quality ... (Read More)
124,90 € 2
Want tdualist spirit? Or are you looking for the perfect gift for that climbing-junkie-friend of yours? We got you!  We will carve your personalized text (up to 40 letters) into the Kraxlboard to make it a unique and individual piece of trai ... (Read More)
128,00 € 2
Kraxlboard Rock
Our new flagship   There is no board in which more expertise and know-how is contained than our Kraxlboard Rock. The various rungs on 3 levels offer extremely diverse ways to train your fingers- with varying pocket depths, s ... (Read More)
179,90 € 2
Kraxlboard Xtreme
Kraxlboard Xtreme Step up your climbing game! The multifunctional king of wood boards   Certainly one of the most versatile training boards on the market, this Kraxlboard is charming in appearance, but really wins you ... (Read More)
184,00 € 2