Coreboard Starter Set

Manufactured from extremely robust laminated beech wood panels, the Coreboard Starter Set is your ideal tool for balance training. The lateral handles can be used to practice e.g. instable push-ups.

Since the Core base plate remains the same in all sets, it can easily be combined with another half-sphere, the roundwood roller d=110 and the ball casters.


The base of our Coreboard is impregnated with a special hard oil wax which fully retains the natural properties of wood such as breathability, open pores and diffusivity; no electrostatic charging!


Delivery includes:

  • 1 Core base plate
  • 1 half-sphere transforms your balance board into a wobble board or therapy spinner


The training with Coreboard has been conceived for unstable body positions, thus leading to an increased risk of injury due to falling or slipping from the equipment. It is therefore strictly necessary to perform your exercises on a semi-hard foam mat and to protect your entire training area with exercise mats.

 Maximum weight capacity 150 kg


Coreboard Starter Set (7.1)

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