Coreboard Advanced Set, Balance board, wooden fitness board for your core and therapy training

Coreboard Advanced Set

It wouldn’t be a Kraxlboard product if it wasn’t capable of much more than all other similar articles.

Thanks to the ball casters mounted on the bottom side, our Coreboard virtually glides over the floor and can for instance be used as an ab wheel. The board can be rotated in any direction, making it a very versatile tool for your roll out training.

By fixing the two detachable half-spheres instead of the ball casters, the board can optionally be used as a balance board.

When attaching only one half-sphere the board becomes unstable in 3D, while when using both half-spheres it tilts in two directions (either front-back or sideways).

The roller which comes with our Coreboard is also perfect for experimenting with various ‘instability’ exercises.

Coreboard Advanced is manufactured from multilayer laminated beech wood and therefore extremely robust and suitable for professional use.


Delivery includes:

  • 1 Core base plate
  • 2 half-spheres convert your balance board into a wobble board or therapy spinner
  • roundwood roller made of tulipwood with anti-slip rubber and 110mm diameter
  • ball casters mounted on the bottom side


The base of our Coreboard is impregnated with a special hard oil wax which fully retains the natural properties of wood such as breathability, open pores and diffusivity; no electrostatic charging!

The training with Coreboard Advanced has been conceived for unstable body positions, thus leading to an increased risk of injury due to falling or slipping from the equipment. It is therefore strictly necessary to perform your exercises on a semi-hard foam mat and to protect your entire training area with exercise mats.

The foam mat also protects the floor from damage and staining (the ball casters are coated with a Teflon PTFE lubricant), which can be caused by using the Coreboard.  

 Maximum weight capacity 150 kg

Coreboard Advanced Set (7.3)

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