Surrounded by many climbing and boulder aficionados, Georg Oberrauch, a master carpenter, was inspired by his friends to build a training board for them.

What started out merely as a pretty cool idea soon became a serious project that had Georg hooked. As a part-time personal trainer and sports enthusiast he knows all too well how important proper equipment is to improve in a discipline. So, he started doing his research, checked out the market and reached out to climbers.


In 2014, after having developed his first prototype, Georg thought it best to get a pro’s opinion. He got in touch with local climbing star Simon Gietl, who was stoked to hear about the project. Thus, the two began to work together, developing and refining the board until it fit their expectations: a wood training board of exceptional quality.


Thanks to a flawless fabrication from multilayer beech wood and a variety of grip shapes, pocket depths and slants the Kraxlboard is esthetic in appearance and versatile in functionality. It offers climbers of all levels a diverse and challenging training experience.

To up the challenge and diversity a variety of add-ons, such as the Pegboard, slopers, training spheres and rings, turn our board into a multifunctional gem.

Whether newbie or pro, the Kraxl-board product range provides all you climbers out there with fun and diverse training options. 

Master carpenter Georg Oberrauch and local climbing star Simon Gietl